Everywhere you look you’re surrounded by reminders of Britain’s history.

Positioned on top of the hill overlooking some of the town's most impressive scenery, Kitchener Barracks has a special place in Chatham's history. This iconic site has a rich military heritage and a distinctive character. Now, over 250 years since the barracks buildings were originally built, this fascinating landmark is being transformed into a vibrant new community.

1567 Royal Naval Dockyard Established

1586 First ship launched (HMS Sunne)

1757 Barracks originally constructed

1928 Named Kitchener Barracks


This development retains its original name because of the important history it holds. Named after Lord Horatio Kitchener, a British military leader famous for his role as Secretary of State for War during World War One.

A legacy reborn

This fascinating heritage has been referenced throughout the design of the new neighbourhood, with updated and refurbished buildings taking centre stage and mature greenery being given a new lease of life. All of this combines to create a thriving new neighbourhood where history comes to life.